Hacktivity Book for Kids

Hacktivity Book for Kids

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A printable activity book for kids! Available as a digital download that can be printed at home or used with an app like Colorscape.

Hacktivity Book is a collaborative project by creative Shopifolk for Shopifolk. It was built with two goals in mind:

One, to give parents (and Shopifolk!) a fun, unique, and creative way to have fun at home.

And two, to help a local cause. All proceeds and donations will go to help Highjinx, an antiques store and a safe haven for the Ottawa community. As we know, everyone is adjusting to the major changes in our economy, and it is important that our most vulnerable are not forgotten. Your donation will help put food on plates, provide a sense of belonging, and offer comfort to those in need.


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Fun at home all while helping a great cause

All proceeds are going to help Highjinx, an antiques store and a safe haven for the Ottawa community. They provide freshly cooked meals to the hungry, a stocked pantry for those in need, and a space for anyone in need of company. Thank you for your support.

"Highjinx is a safe house like your Auntie’s. Lonely folks, those in a wee bit of trouble, those needing bus fare home, someone struggling to stay sober, a Neighbour grieving, a parent at the end of their rope, the ill and the mentally ill are all welcome and helped in whatever way they need, on their terms and where they are at. Without prejudice.

Our Neighbours tell us they feel like they belong, like they fit in and that they are comfortable here. And that in itself is why it is so important."

No printer at home?

Try uploading the pages of this activity book to an app like Colorscape!